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Home Extensions in Croydon, Surrey

Over time, the available space within a property often decreases, leaving some homeowners feeling their home is too small, leaving them longing for a bigger house. At Harwoods Handmade, we construct property extensions in the areas throughout Surrey, allowing those who require more room, to expand the size of their home easily without having to spend large quantities of money and relocate.

Our team have been constructing extension builds for many years, and, therefore, have significant experience in the intricate stages involved in the designing, planning and building processes.

Home extensions can be highly suitable for a vast variety of different circumstances. Whether you have a growing family and are looking to create additional bedrooms at the back of your house, or maybe you have recently retired and want a quiet reading area away from the noise of the house, an extension could be your answer.

A house extension is a more cost effective solution than moving home

Along with the benefit of having new, additional living space, there are also many cost-effective qualities that can be considered with home extensions. Not only do extensions take away the need to spend large amounts of money on a bigger sized property, but they can also be a great asset when putting your house on the market in the future.

Having an extension built on your home will make your property appear more desirable to potential buyers, and will also increase the overall value of your property once constructed. Therefore, not only is this a wise choice at the time of construction, but it can also be highly beneficial at a later date too.

Are you finding you want or need an additional, well-designed, functional space in your home? Why not give our team at Harwoods Handmade in Surrey a call today on 07432688830 where we can provide you with extensive information on our extensions service, and get your new project underway.

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Home Extensions in Croydon, Surrey