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Property Renovations in Croydon, Surrey

Over time, the rooms or features of a home can become damaged or worn through general wear and tear. At Harwoods Handmade, we undertake all renovations projects in the properties throughout Surrey, updating and refreshing the rooms within the house, leaving homeowners happy and satisfied with the appearance of their home again. Our team have been renovating properties for many years, and, therefore, have significant experience in the many services involved in carrying out renovations. interior appearance.

When it comes to renovations with Harwoods Handmade, we cover all bases. In order to ensure you are left feeling satisfied with the interior appearance of your home again, we carry out renovation services on any room within the home. Our most common renovations include kitchen and bathroom designs and installations, plastering work, wall and flooring tiling and much more.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Being highly used rooms within a house, the kitchen and bathroom experience frequent use and high volumes of foot traffic. With this, general wear and tear are likely, meaning both rooms will eventually start to appear worn and dull.

With our kitchen and bathroom renovations, we work with our customers to gain an understanding of their personal preference with style, colour, decor, layout and more, allowing us to create a uniquely designed room that matches the general ambience of your home. As well as this, we provide advice on appliances, fixtures and fittings that are best suited for your household specifically, leaving you with a practical, yet highly aesthetical kitchen or bathroom that you are proud of when finished.


Plastering is a well-known method of providing structural support to the interior walls of a property, however, our plastering service at Harwoods Handmade can also be perfect for decorative purposes.

Those who have uneven, rough or bumpy walls and ceilings may feel they are restricted to different styles of decor, leaving a dissatisfied feeling on the interior of their home. With this, our plastering renovation service can be perfect in order to smooth out the texture of bumpy, rough walls, which can then be decorated to preference.

Are you looking to renew the interior rooms or features of your home? Why not give our team at Harwoods Handmade in Surrey a call today on 07432688830 where we can provide you with extensive information on our renovations services, and get your new project underway.

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